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TNL Haisen Logistics Corporate Culture

1. Corporate philosophy: Moral, honesty and love.
2. Business philosophy: Sincere business, service-oriented.
3. Corporate Spirit: unity, progressive, pragmatic and efficient.
4. TNL Style: Responsibility, Resoluteness
5. Survival concept: vigilance in peace time 
6. Market philosophy: Only the mind is weak and there is no weak market.
7. The concept of employing people: meritorious
8. Service concept: Water can carry a boat and can also overturn it.
9. Self-cultivation: benevolence, righteousness, rationality, wisdom, and faith.
10. Management principles: ruthless management and affection among colleagues.
11. Corporate's goal: to build a hundred-year-long pass and create a logistics pioneer.
12. Ten types of people who advocated and opposed:
Advocates of unity and progress; oppose those who do not think ahead.
Advocates those who promote honesty and self-discipline; oppose those who self-interests.
Advocate the renewal of ideas; oppose the administrative model.
Promote those who create practical results; oppose falsification.
Advocate quality improvement; oppose those who complacency.
Promote people who strive for innovation; oppose passive lazy people.
Promote people who love obedience to the company; oppose those who are light and heavy.
People who advocate information advice; oppose those who refuse to disclose confidential information.
Advocate those who promote the interests of the company; oppose those who spread of rumors.
Promote people who face up to themselves; oppose people who can't get on.
13. Employee declaration:
I promise to treat customers with sincere and considerate service from the heart, pursue perfection, create perfection, and create excellence until the satisfaction of the customer, recognition, closeness and affection.
I want to treat my colleagues with a moving heart. It is their collaboration and support that make me successful. I will reward them with redoubled diligence and dedication.
My honor and dignity come from the group. I want to care about the group as much as I care for my parents and do my best to help her succeed.
Our competitiveness comes from innovation. I want to use all passion and wisdom to create differences and make the business full of vigor and vitality.
The world we face is changing rapidly and opportunities are fleeting. I must emphasis on efficiency and strive for opportunities.
I am engaged in a risky industry. Minimal mistakes can cause irreparable losses. I must be careful from time to time, be careful everywhere, be law abiding, be disciplined, avoid risks, and prevent mistakes.